chai is heavenly… thank you mylifeisallright

just doing my job bby

brace yourselves. we all know what tomorrow is.

*wipes tears* thank you tumblr

*wipes tears* thank you tumblr

brb, crying
nicely played
do you really mean jelly? do you? do you really tumblr?


Kiss me where the fire burns red

inside the embers of the blaze

burned out.

let the smoke cover the doubt

ridden sky so that

all these clouds

look like rain

Hold me.

take all of my loose jigsaw looking pieces

fit them into your frame

let me go


when you tell me that you can no longer tolerate

the puzzle and proceed to let it fall

just know

I never asked for this

though I wanted it more than words will ever say

I still do.

The moon may be far from the sea

yes, but she still yearns for the gentle love

it makes to the shoreline.

Lola by Andrew Bargeron

Portal by Chon Hon Lam

Clones by Chon Hon Lam

Dementor’s Kiss by Moon

My Neighbor Elmo by Chow Hon Lam

Sci Fi by Andrew Bargeron

Planet Terror by Andrew Bargeron